Welcome to Plastruct Polyzone

We are a stocking distributor of plastic sheets, rods, and profiles. We also manufacture plastic machined parts, plastic welded fabrications and bulk material polymer lining systems. Our experienced team of employees are committed to being a trustworthy and reliable plastics supplier that cares about our customers needs.

    We cut your custom parts to size, create CNC milled and turned parts, or CNC routered machine holes and profiles, and accommodate up to 5 inch thick plates. Polymers are a great option for bearing and wear components, are lightweight compared to many metal counterparts, and resistant across a wide range of industrial chemicals. Our in-house Technical Sales team will work to assist you in choosing the best material fit for your application and budget - and our Engineering and Design will work with our Production team to ensure parts are machined and profiled to your drawings. Common items we produce include bushings, wear sleeves, wear plates, chain guides, star wheels, and much more.
    Clogged chute or bin/hopper discharge? Reduced material flow hurting the bottom line? A Smooth Move liner can help maximize flow and profits. A bulk material lining system is a series of TIVAR® sheets that are chosen based on bin and environmental conditions and mechanically fastened to the steel or concrete substrate using specially designed hidden fastener systems. These sheets are complimented by profiles that allow for the thermal expansion of the panels and still allow for smooth mass flow through the bulk material handling system.
    Plastruct Polyzone is a stocking distributor of high-quality plastics. We distribute major brands from World Class Manufacturers. Our commitment to you is efficient customer service to process and ship your orders quickly. We offer cut-to-size services for all materials. You only pay for what you need.
    Bring your ideas to us! Our engineering department provides practical plastic fabricated solution to make your life easier. We use the highest quality HDPE, Co-poly Polypropylene, UHMW and other materials to fabricate utility bins, water diverters, wear components, chemical tubs and custom designs. Extend your equipment’s lifespan and keep costs in line by trusting the unmatched strength and versatility of welded plastics. We also repair playground equipment, water storage tanks on farm equipment or tank trucks.

    Who We Are

    We are a community of talented individuals built on respect, in the pursuit of becoming a leader in plastics; Distributed sheets and shapes, Manufactured parts, Fabrications, and Lining systems; while delivering them to the client in the simplest and most user-friendly form.

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