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Food Grade Solutions


As experts in engineered plastics, Plastruct Polyzone has a long history of providing machined parts, fabrications, and other engineered solutions to the food handling and processing industries. With a variety of polymers approved for food contact, but each with their own unique performance characteristics, our engineering and design team can help you choose the appropriate material to ensure a safe and contamination free environment.

Guide/Wear Rail

Placing a polymer wear/guide rail in high traffic or high impact areas of your production assembly can be beneficial by evenly distributing unwanted energy and allowing products to travel with ease through your facility. The low-coefficient of friction allows for materials/objects to slide along with less resistance than steel which can lead to reduced power requirements. The low surface friction coupled with the high molecular weight of most engineered polymers allow for them to last longer than steel as well.

conveyor wear rail.png


fluidizing bed cutout.png


Moving fine powders such as flour can be a real challenge due to the size of the particles and how quickly a little moisture can turn it into paste or a rock like substance. Using fluidization can make moving fine powders a breeze. We supply a proprietary tortuous path polyethylene membrane that focuses air through but doesn't let the powders penetrate to the backside of the membrane. We also offer millwright services for the removal and installation of these fluid beds. All materials and hardware for the replacement beds are in stock so we can get you doing what you do best, making delicious food.


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