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Dump Truck Liners

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With measurements provided by you or measured by Plastruct, our Design & Engineering department will design a seamless liner to fit your truck with precision.


Using CNC routers, our team of skilled machinists will machine each section of your liner which is then confirmed by our Quality Assurance Representative.


To ensure the best possible fit and performance, we have an experienced team of installers who have experience lining any style of truck. These experienced steel and plastic welders will weld your liner into one piece to prevent material from sliding under.


 If you prefer to install your liner yourself or live outside of our install area, we supply full kits along with detailed instructions to set you up for DIY success. Unsure about doing it yourself? Give us a call and we can assist with any questions you may have.


What Can I Haul?

Manufactured using HMW-PE, SilverSlide is a cost-effective liner intended for light and medium duty or wet materials. Designed to withstand a wide range of bulk materials, Silverslide will blow you away with its high slip and fast release capabilities, even in sub-zero temperatures.

- Soil

- Sand

- Grain

- Mulch

- Clay

- Manure

- Sludge

- Feed

Liner Material Options

Fastening Options

Capped Bolts

Similar to an elevator bolt, this fastener with a molded polymer head is ideal for installations where there is easy access to the rear side of your substrate. Available in a variety of polymers to ensure compatibility with any application.


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