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Plastruct Polyzone offers custom design, machining, fabricated kits or installation of production-boosting liners for bulk material handling equipment - from coal, flyash and gypsum to concrete, aggregate and other sticky, non-flowing bulk materials. We carry material options for truck liners including products that can handle hot asphalt. 

We are capable of providing custom fabrications utilizing plastic welding and CNC machining of sheet and plate, round barstock and tubing. 

Plastics offer versatility and are a popular choice for companies across a wide range of industries where negative factors such as moisture absorption, wear and friction, impact and even noise are of concern. Our polymer hopper and bin liners are a dependable, lightweight additions to protect your substrate and keep product that is prone to sticking, bridging or freeze up - moving smoothly. 

In a time when many industries are facing pressure to innovate, contain costs and boost productivity while improving the safety of their operations, plastics are often chosen over other materials for their cost-effectiveness and durability. Their long-wear life extends the usability of existing equipment and their lighter weight materials lead to weight savings vs. metal components which can reduce power consumption. Our customers save on costs, and receive the best value for their investment and achieve peak efficiency. 

In-House R&D

Our customers approach us looking for solutions and ways to handle issues and problems. Our drive to create solutions is not only based on time-tested and industry proven techniques, but we also apply fresh thinking to produce prototypes and have created complex polymer fabrications by applying new ideas to help solve issues. From bulk material handling, transportation, construction and mining or manufacturing & industrial we have the in-house knowledge and expertise to assist or take your design from blueprint to a custom built part geared to suit your application. This is why we constantly seek opportunities to help companies in their efforts to research and develop new products to serve their markets, and are happy to provide our consulting expertise.

As a North American manufacturing and fabrication company, we’re dedicated to providing responsive customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service staff is here to address your questions and concerns and keep you up to date on the status of your orders.


We provide a platform for companies to utilize plastics to increase profitability in their business. We do this by providing engineered solutions and producing plastic machined parts, plastic fabrications and bulk material lining systems, as well as distributing plastic sheets, rods, and profiles. Our experienced team of employees are committed to be a trustworthy and reliable plastics supplier that cares about the customers needs.

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