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Bulk Material Flow Solutions

Hopper, Chute & Bin Liners

As specialists in providing flow, abrasion, impact and corrosion solutions in relation to Bulk Material Handling Systems, Plastruct Polyzone uses engineered plastics to line a wide array of process equipment that handles, moves or stores bulk materials. With a diverse inventory on hand, we have the ability to manufacture liners to withstand the most harsh applications.


Polymer Liners increase the efficiency of your material flow and prevent your equipment from degrading due to wear, impact or abrasion. The low friction surface and high molecular weight lets harsh materials flow freely with minimal wear & tear.


The low coefficient of friction also allows materials to flow easily and more consistently which minimizes chances for bridging and ratholing, and in turn will increase flow rate and give you a more stable throughout expectancy. 

Improve Flow Conditions

Flow issues can slow production to a standstill and result in dangerous working conditions, wasted material and cost overruns. In today’s competitive environment, losing time and money to erratic or no flow is frustrating and expensive if you need to replace or repair equipment due to premature wear.

Unlined bins tend to suffer from all sorts of issues that result in reduced flow and production issues.  The two main causes of erratic flow that arise when managing bulk materials are: rat-holing and bridging.

Rat-holing is caused by material and the steel of the hopper absorbing moisture and sticking to each other.  This causes the material to stick on the side of the bin causing a large material buildup around the perimeter of the bin and reducing material flow (isolated flow) to slender channels in the middle of the bin.

Bridging is material sticking to itself and creating a bridge or arch-like structure over the opening of the bin. This is due to moisture and the irregularities on the surface of the bulk materials interlocking and building a solid bridge.  When this occurs, it reduces the flow to almost nothing.


Material Flow Analysis

Understanding how a bulk solid flows through a channel is our first step to helping customers improve their material flow. We have developed our own proprietary shear tester in house to help us get the necessary information that we need to achieve the results you desire. Using this data in combination with other material test results, we can better understand how the geometry of the bin or hopper is either helping or hindering flow.



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