Industry Leading Polymer Truck Liner Systems

We specialize in high quality lining systems designed specifically for all dump, live-bottom, container bodies. Lining with SilverSlide, DuraPro, QuickSilver or Haulk liners provides significant advantages for both companies and operators.

     ✅ Quickest Release

✅ Best Warranty

      ✅ Longest wear life

✅ Easy to order

The versatility of our plastic liners allow use in many industries for many types of equipment. Dump Bodies, Dump Trailers, Roll-offs, Hopper Trailers, Bottom Dump Trailers, Live-Bottom Trailers, Gravel Trains, Transfer Trailers, etc. Custom machined exactly to fit your equipment, we are able to provide truck liners for anything that comes our way, including specialty custom built equipment. Our engineering team works with you to ensure the benefits of high impact and quick release work for you!

1. Handle all types of bulk material loads

2. All temperatures from -254°F  to +450°F 

3. Quick and Clean unloading was never easier

4. Custom fit any Dump Truck/Trailer or Live Bottom

5. Warranty guarantee for Liners and Installation

Live bottom, dump truck

Plastruct Polyzone provides the following services:

  • We Install:  At our facility or yours. 
  • DIY Kits:  Complete liner package, machined and ready to slide in!
  • Dealers:  Full coils or pre-cut lengths
  • We ship world-wide!

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  • Medium Duty
  • Mulch, Soil, Fertilizer, Salt, Clay, Sand, and Gravel



  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Rock, Gravel, Coal, Clay, Fly ash and Fertilizer



  • High Heat Rating
  • Asphalt hot/cold, Coal, Fly ash, Phosphate, Salt and Rock



  • Heavy wear resistant
  • Rock, Gravel Coal, Salt, Sand, and Fertilizer


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