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Working with Puck Board

Sani-Armor sheets (also known as Puck Board) are a versatile option for a wide range of applications spanning multiple industries. The sheet with 101 uses, Sani-Armor is affordable and convenient to work with. Below are some pointers for cutting, drilling, or cleaning your Puck Board sheets.

Cutting: For the best results use a circular or table saw with carbide teeth. Standard router bits and jigsaw blades will work well for cutting curved or geometric profiles. Sharp tool blades will provide the best results. If you treat it like wood you will be successful!

Drilling: Sani-Armor sheets are easy to drill with either a standard wood or steel working drill bit. Hole saws will work for larger holes, although they can get plugged easily and we recommend drilling using multiple depths. A router or jigsaw is useful for holes or profiles that are too large for drill bits. Self-auger drill bits do not work well as they cut too aggressively.

Cleaning: Although our Sani-Armor sheets are designed so dirt and grime can't adhere, when you do need to clean the surface, we recommend using a simple mix of warm water and soap. For tougher cleaning jobs chemical solutions may be used. Sani-Armor is very chemical resistant, however please refer to the chemical chart to verify compatibility.


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