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Horizontal Stone Tumbler

Polyurethane tumbler strips eliminate downtime and increases production efficiency.




Horizontal Stone Tumbler

Bulk Material

Concrete Paving Stones


Excessive wear on existing rubber liner was resulting in high labour costs to frequently replace and was resulting in quality and safety deficiencies.
Background: A paving stone manufacturer uses a horizontal tumbler to produce a unique effect to the paving stones as well as clean up any sharp edges.
Problem: The existing rubber liner would fail after a short period, requiring labour intensive maintenance. Going back to no liner would create hazardous sound decibel levels and would effect the desired finish of the product.
​Solution: Due to polyurethanes enhanced impact and abrasion resistance, heavy duty polyurethane tumbler strips were engineered and machined by Plastruct Polyzone and easily installed by plant maintenance staff.
​Result: After the polyurethane tumbler strips were installed, the tumbler production continued uninterrupted for a period equivalent to 6+ rebuilds of the previous rubber material. The polyurethane tumbler strips worked smoothly, reducing noise even compare to rubber and providing a high quality finish to the paving stone. After 2 years of operation, the polyurethane strips have saved significant labour and material costs.


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