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Conical Fly Ash Hoppers

TIVAR88-2 Liners Eliminate Flow Restriction & Sticking in Fly Ash Hoppers


​TIVAR 88-2


48" diameter conical steel hoppers

Bulk Material

Fly Ash


Material Build-up leading to Rat-holing, plugged discharge, and erratic flow conditions.
Background: A steel fabrication company supplying new steel hoppers to their end user was asked for a solution to eliminate flow and sticking problems they experienced in their old hoppers.
Problem: The fly ash mixture would adhere to the steel walls, resulting in a plugged discharge and leading to not only a halt in production but also clogging further equipment upstream.
​Solution: Using TIVAR88-2, Plastruct Polyzone engineered and fabricated liners to fit into the conical hoppers. The material was heat formed to ensure a tight fit. Small access covers were also lined, providing a completely smooth surface while allowing easy access.
​Result: After The TIVAR88-2 liners were installed and put into operation, the end user reported no more build-up or sticking problems and production rates improved. The fabricator has received multiple additional orders for other parts of the plant.


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