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Comparing TIVAR Products

What is TIVAR?

TIVAR is an acronym that stands for Tough Inert Very Abrasion Resistant.
TIVAR brand products are premium formulations of UHMW-PE designed specifically for superior wear resistance and extended part life in wet and dry environments.

Plastruct Polyzone stocks a wide variety of TIVAR products to meet a range of demanding applications. Each with their own unique set of Characteristics, read below to discover which TIVAR product will work best for you.

TIVAR 1000

A versatile general-purpose material, TIVAR 1000 sets the standard for engineered polymers. It's unique blend of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface, high-impact strength, along with the ability to retain these key properties to -200°C makes it a favorite across many different industries.
TIVAR 1000's resistance to chemical attack and moisture absorption helps it meet FDA, USDA, CFIA, and 3-A Dairy Sanitation requirements for food processing and handling. These qualities also allow for easy cleaning including the ability to use aggressive chlorine solutions common in the food processing industry, which can damage other polymers.


For less demanding applications, this recycled blend of reprocessed UHMW-PE has overall lower performance levels than TIVAR 1000, but is able to provide a favorable price-performance ratio. Although performance is lower than TIVAR 1000, TIVAR ECO still maintains an acceptable combination of the properties expected from the TIVAR line. This cost effective recycled material is ideal for less demanding, non-food grade applications.


Recognized worldwide as the premier liner material for minimizing bulk material handling problems and inefficiencies. TIVAR 88 has advanced abrasion and chemical resistance properties, making it the longest wearing liner material available. It's extremely low co-efficient of friction allows for continuous and constant flow of even the stickiest bulk materials. This helps eliminate arching, rat-holing, and erratic material flow due to clogs or freeze-ups.

TIVAR 88-2

In addition to the industry leading properties of TIVAR 88, TIVAR 88-2 can be welded to solve complex hopper or chute lining problems. This makes TIVAR 88-2 perfect for fabrications and seamless liner systems in Bulk Material Handling Applications.

TIVAR 88 w/BurnGuard

In Applications where your TIVAR 88 liner may be exposed to combustion, TIVAR 88 w/BurnGuard will self-extinguish when the source of combustion is removed minimizing the impact to the material. TIVAR 88 w/BurnGuard meets MSHA 1C-112/1 for underground mining and has a UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating.


H.O.T stands for High Operating Temperature. This specialty material excels in a variety of environments where temperatures can reach up to 275°C. TIVAR H.O.T reduces oxidation rates at high temperatures, extends wear life and slows degradation in environments with chemical exposure, elevated temperatures, and thermo-cycling. This material is FDA/USDA/CFIA guidelines and is 3-A Dairy Sanitation Compliant for food processing and handling applications where higher operating temperatures and frequent chemical wash down lead to shortened part life.


TIVAR ESD (Electro-Static Dissipative) protects against electrical charge build-upon wear surfaces. This is an ideal material to use in potentially volatile conditions grain handling applications or munition plants. TIVAR ESD also helps protect expensive robotic, electronic, and conveyor equipment that is sensitive to electrical charge build-up.


For applications with high load, high speed and severe sliding abrasion, TIVAR CERAM-P is the ideal material. It's high tensile strength and wear resistance have been successfully applied in the steel, paper, lumber, and agricultural industries. TIVAR CERAM-P is a shatter resistance alternative to sintered ceramics, its composure of virgin polymer and premium additives reduces the wear on parts and machine maintenance downtime.

TIVAR DrySlide

This TIVAR material is modified with a dry lubricant to provide even better wear resistance by having the lowest co-efficient of friction of any TIVAR product. The combination of extremely low surface friction and electro static dissipative properties make TIVAR DrySlide a demonstrated performer in dusty, dirty environments. DrySlide can move parcels of varying weight and size even in high humidity environments. Its inherent UV stabilized properties allow it to maintain it's performance levels in any outdoor application.

TIVAR Oil Filled

Provides a lower co-efficient of friction than standard TIVAR by introducing a wet lubricant that exudes from the material and provides lubrication to moving parts. This material meets FDA/USDA/CFIA and 3-A Dairy Sanitation requirements. TIVAR Oil Filled is an ideal material for chain guide components and conveyors, allowing them to operate more effectively without the need for lubricant delivery systems.

Still unsure of what TIVAR Product will work best for your application?

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