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Chain Conveyor Drag Pan Liner

Failing plastic liner replaced with TIVAR88 for longer service life on Hog Fuel Chain Conveyor.




Chain Conveyor Drag Pan

Bulk Material

Hog Fuel


Excessive chain wear and drag on steel pan. Existing plastic liner didn't last very long.
Background: A large pulp and paper facility was concerned about wear on the hog fuel chain and lost production due to sticking and downtime due to frequent maintenance.
Problem: The existing plastic liner supplied by a local company was wearing prematurely and failing after a short period of time. Going back to no liner would cause premature wear on the conveyor chain and lead to costly maintenance and chain replacement.
​Solution: TIVAR88 liners were designed and fabricated by Plastruct Polyzone and installed by local plant maintenance staff.
​Result: After installation of the TIVAR liners, plant staff noticed the chain conveyor travelling smoothly, reducing noise, drag on the drive motors and reduced sticking to the pan. All of the noticed benefits led to less maintenance and improved production rates.


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