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Brick & Block Plant - Aggregate Ground Hoppers

3/4" Minus Crushed Stone and Sand Build-up in Ground Hoppers.




Indoor/Outdoor ground hopper in brick and stone manufacturing plant.

Bulk Material

3/4" Crushed Stone & Sand


Build-up in corners and a Corroded Hopper are leading to very poor flow and labour intensive clean outs leading to lost production.
Background: A reputable Brick & Stone manufacturer was losing production due to the ground hoppers repeatedly building up and eventually plugging the discharge. Production occasionally stopped while workers tried to get product flowing. Considerable resources were spent adding vibrators and heaters. The build-up of material in the corners required employees to enter the hopper with picks, shovels and sometimes jackhammers to clean out.
Problem: Material sticking in the corners. Corroded and worn down hopper surface is leading to extreme material build-up and hazardous clean outs. Health & Safety Committee identified multiple workplace hazards in relation to hopper maintenance and clean outs where employees need to enter the bin.
​Solution: After reviewing the materials handled in each ground hopper, Plastruct engineered a TIVAR88 lining system to move aggregate and sand with minimum hang-up. Large radius corners were developed to increase material velocity in the corners and ensure minimal stick. Large wall panels minimized the seems and potential hangup points. All upper edges were sealed with stainless steel leading edge and sealant.
​Result: Aggregate flow improved greatly, with very little particle size segregation. Radius corners worked well in releasing materials. Once or Twice a year an employee will brush out corners from above to release any fines and eliminating the need for heaters, vibrators, or dangerous clean-outs.

Final picture below shows hopper after 1 year of service!


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