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6" Minus Gypsum Hopper

TIVAR88-2 Liners Eliminate Flow Restriction & Adhesion in Gypsum Hopper.


​TIVAR 88-2


14' x 12' Heavy Wall Steel Hopper

Bulk Material

6" Minus Gypsum Rock


​Major sticking of mud and fines causing large rock to jam. Damage to hopper caused by using impact to clear material jams.
Background: A national drywall manufacturer struggles to achieve consistent flow of large gypsum rock into process through a number of heavy duty steel hoppers.
Problem: The mud and fines of the gypsum rock are sticking to the sloping steel hopper walls. The build up of mud and fines is creating a course surface and blocking the hopper discharge causing the large rock to clog the hopper, resulting in 'blanks' in the feeder conveyor being fed by the hopper in question.
​Solution: Our team identified TIVAR88-2 as the ideal material to line these hoppers. Custom lining systems were engineered and fabricated to fit into the existing steel hopper and discharge chute. The steel hopper was re-worked and TIVAR88-2 liners were installed including with radius corners to eliminate corner sticking.
Result: After the liner is installed the buildup and sticking problems have been eliminated allowing for the gypsum rock to flow freely into the feeder conveyor, eliminating blanks on the conveyor.
After 3 years of operation, the liners have shown minimal wear and are still in use. The production staff has noted a substantial amount of labour savings in regards to monitoring and cleaning the hopper.


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