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Do your weeks blur together with unending stress?

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Life has a way of getting stressful and confusing.

Once you are in the cycle, you feel its impossible to get out.

We are here to help

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Bring peace and order into your life by starting each week with a Day of Rest

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FREE Lords Day guide 

Many people do not keep the LORD's Day holy, causing their lives to be one of endless chaos.

We strive to bring back the sanctity of the LORDS Day, bringing hope in their lives for the future.

Order out of Chaos - What people are saying

I had no idea how good God was giving us a Lords Day of rest. I needed it for my body and my soul.  The work you do has been a blessing for us and our family

Pierre & Blanchette, ON


Thank you so much for the prison ministry diaries. My life is changed. I am out of prison and look forward to starting every week with a day of rest and worship.

George, Halifax, NS


I was caught up in an unending business life with no breaks and suffered a mental breakdown. Keeping the Lords Day and worshipping at church has given me hope.

Brian, BC


Your Bible courses were wonderful! We study them every Sunday. We fell refreshed when we wake up Monday morning.

Chris, ON


Stop the Chaos.
Click on the link below for your FREE Guide to weekly harmony

The Canadian Lord's Day Association has been helping people stay rooted and strong by promoting Sunday worship.

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