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Premium Lining Bulk Material UHMW-PE Sheet

TIVAR® 88 and TIVAR® 88-2

Global SystemTIVAR® Engineering Partner

TIVAR® 88 Sheets


TIVAR® 88-2 Sheets

48" x 120" Sheet size

All thickness up to a maximum of 2"

 Oversize Panels

Available in all gauges

Material in stock to meet demands of most project scopes.

Get in touch with a
® 88 Engineer

TIVAR® 88 Services

  • DWG Take-Off's

  • Engineering 

  • TIVAR® 88 Sheet Sales

  • TIVAR® 88 Fabrication

  • TIVAR® 88 Machining

  • Complete Lining KIT packages

  • Installation Services

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Seamless process from first call to machined panels on site

JP, Engineer


Your installation team did a great job meeting our shutdown deadlines. Liners work amazing, don't know how we did without them.

George, Operations Mgr.


Quick turn-around was great. Thanks for helping us out.

Kevin, Industrial Contractor


Your estimators were very good. They caught things we missed and saved us a lot of extra cost.

Brian, Project Manager


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We can help.
Tivar®88 projects
run smoothly!

Plastruct is a family run business built on 25 years experience with industrial bulk material liners!

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