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As a wear material with near 0% moisture absorption and many formulations designed to suit specific tasks, UHMW is the preferred material for use in bulk handling equipment, conveyor components, chain guides, and wear pads which can all suffer from friction, sticking & abrasion problems. The low coefficient of friction of Tivar products allow for outstanding wear characteristics and excellent corrosion resistance in many applications - most formulations are available in sheet, rod and tubing. 

Tivar 1000 Data Chart

UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet), is a highly versatile polymer that makes an excellent choice to help avoid production bottlenecks for industries such as bulk material storage and handling to food and beverage, industrial applications,  forestry/wood processing and transportation.

Tivar is available in a wide range of material formulations to suit a number of service applications. As with many plastics, care must be taken during the machining processes to ensure dimensional tolerances can be maintained.

UHMW-PE Tivar® offers the following benefits:

  • Resistance to chemicals, wear and heavy sliding abrasion

  • Virtually 0% moisture absorption

  • Low co-efficient of friction makes Tivar ideally suited for conveyor chain guides, flight paddles and tough service applications.

  • Tivar 1000 is made from virgin resin - natural white sheet acceptable for the food processing industry, agriculture, and works in wet or dry environments up to 180 deg F

  • Tivar Ceram P is available for severe service / sliding and abrasion applications.

  • Tivar HOT is available with FDA and 3A Dairy compliance while increasing the working temperature to 275 deg F for longer life in areas where thermo-cycling, elevated temperatures and frequent washdowns occur. 

  • Tivar ECO is a black UHMW sheet that retains almost full properties for non-food grade applications in less demanding applications.


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