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Quicksilver® , Silverslide® , Durapro® , HAULK®


Silverslide® HMW-PE

Silverslide is manufactured using a high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene modified copolymer. This resin is designed for extrusion into an exceptionally tough sheet and creates a perfect sliding material for bulk products and abrasion-resistant liners.

Silverslide HMW-Pe offers the following benefits:

  • Superior stress crack resistance

  • High-impact strength and rigidity enhances its use as a workhorse liner material

Durapro® UHMW

Durapro truck liners allow for the steady release of materials such as clay, coal, flyash, gravel, rock and fertilizer. UHMW-PE Durapro liners are constructed from re-processed UHMW with specially blended release agents designed to provide maximum release with minimum wear.

Durapro truck liners offer the following benefits:

  • High-impact strength

  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion

Quicksilver® UHMW

QuickSilver truck liners are the premium liners for hauling hot asphalt as well as stone, gravel, rock, and landscape materials such as soils and fill.

Quicksilver UHMW offers the following benefits:

  • UV resistance

  • Impact and corrosion resistance protects your equipment

  • Impervious to freezing temperatures

HAULK - The Ultimate LINER for TOUGH, COURSE, SHARP materials!!!! 

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  • Medium Duty
  • Mulch, Soil, Fertilizer, Salt, Clay, Sand, and Gravel



  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Rock, Gravel, Coal, Clay, Fly ash and Fertilizer



  • High Heat Rating
  • Asphalt hot/cold, Coal, Fly ash, Phosphate, Salt and Rock



  • Heavy wear resistant
  • Rock, Gravel Coal, Salt, Sand, and Fertilizer



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