Tivar® 88/88-2 UHMW

Tivar® 88/88-2
Sheets and rods

    Tivar® 88 and Tivar® 88-2 are proven performers that are recognized worldwide as premium lining materials for bulk handling equipment. Tivar 88 is manufactured with virgin polymer and proprietary additives including high wearing materials. Tivar® 88/88-2 has incredible wear, slip and abrasion resistance characteristics give consistent, smooth and easy flow when handling cohesive or non-free flowing materials (ask us about the Sand/Slurry testing information).

    Tivar 88 Data Chart

    Powder and bulk materials are easily handled especially when used in conjunction with our specially designed profiles which promotes reliable, steady bulk material flow. Excellent slide-abrasion and wear resistance due to low coefficient of friction, the ultra-slick, light-weight material (1/8 of steel) has excellent freeze release capabilities. The 88-2 product is weldable to create a seamless drop-in liner that is extremely easy to install.  TIVAR 88-2®, when heated, is able to form into custom shapes and profiles that hold even after it has been cooled.  

    Thinking about boosting production by lining a bin, hopper or chute with Tivar® 88? Our Polymer Lining Team has been installing and supplying Tivar® 88/88-2 liner kits for over 15 years! Check out our Smooth Move Bulk Material Lining Systems

    Fastening Options for TIVAR 88®/TIVAR 88-2®:

    Technical Specifications

    Case Study - Gypsum hopper

    Gypsum mud / fines were causing production slowdowns due to flow issues caused by material sticking to the steel substrate. The bin was also being damaged by impact from sledgehammers from the production team trying go to release product so as not to miss a batch. Read more in our short Case Study - or call us to ask for details.

    Case Study - Concrete Coal Bunker

    In a good example of the benefits to Production - a company chose to work with Plastruct to utiliize a polymer liner over concrete and glass tiled sloped substrates. This large scale project allowed the user to increase productivity and realize a huge return on investment employing the Tivar 88 lining system.

    Please see our overview in the Case Study - and contact us for additional details.