SilverSlide Liners

Dump Truck Liner

SilverSlide™ -  A Quick Release Dump Truck Liner

SilverSlide™ is a cost-efffective, medium-duty truck liner that will blow you away with its capabilities. It is engineered to handle a good range of bulk materials in a variety of truck bodies. Typically used on aluminum dump boxes, SilverSlide™ is also very effective for steel boxes, roll-offs, containers. A common application is live bottom and belt trailer applications.

 SilverSlide™ is manufactured using HMWPE modified copolymer. It is an exceptionally tough polymer that can take the impact and constant wear of bulk products. Impregnated with a superior release agent during the manufacturing process, SilverSlide™ will maintain its slip throughout its service life, never losing its quick-release properties.

Assure yourself of a safe, clean, and easy job when you install SilverSlide™. Since 1998 SilverSlide™ has been a hot seller and continues to save drivers time with its quick unloading. Many times the load is mostly released after the first raise of the hoist.

Which Materials can SilverSlide™ haul?

  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Gravel
  • Sludge
  • Fertilizer
  • Salt
SilverSlide™ Dump truck and trailer liner

Key Benefits:

Low Cost: SilverSlide™ liners are the lowest cost in the industry. They are a workhorse that performs above it class. From grain to sand and gravel, don’t underestimate this liner.

Lightweight: 1/3 the weight of aluminum and 1/8 the weight of steel.

Excellent Choice for Agricultural:  Due to its versatility of product handling, SilverSlide™ is the most commonly used lining system for the Ag industry.

Fits any size body: Our lining systems are made to fit exactly to your truck or trailer. Many off-road farm vehicles utilize SilverSlide™.

Thickness: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Thick. We also have thick-tail options, ie: 3/8" liner with last 8 feet 1/2" thick.

Sizes: We stock material up to a maximum of 10 feet wide. Any width x length combination can be made.

Aluminium Truck Lined

True Story: SilverSlide™ was the first liner that Plastruct’s company owner installed into a truck back in 1998. A few days after the SilverSlide™ was installed, Plastruct received a call from their customer with a question about the liner. Fearing he had done something incorrect or that the liner didn’t work well, Plastruct called the customer back. There is nothing wrong with the liner, replied the customer when asked, we were just calling to let you know that you should make customers aware of how fast it unloads! It actually jerked my truck forward before the hoist was even halfway up!

Plastruct Polyzone provides the following services:

We Install: At our facility or yours anywhere in Ontario. Fleet installs anywhere in Canada.

DIY Kits: Complete liner package, machined and ready to slide in!

Dealers: Full coils or pre-cut lengths

" We have been ordering pre-machined kits from Plastruct for over 15 years. Always fast service and good prices!"  Guy V.


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  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Rock, Gravel, Coal, Clay, Fly ash and Fertilizer



  • High Heat Rating
  • Asphalt hot/cold, Coal, Fly ash, Phosphate, Salt and Rock



  • Heavy wear resistant
  • Rock, Gravel Coal, Salt, Sand, and Fertilizer