Clear Polycarbonate

Sheet, Rod, Tubes
Palclear, Plaskolite, Lexan

Polycarbonate sheet, is a clear solid sheet combining impact strength and cost-effectiveness with greater impact resistance over acrylics. Humidity changes have little effect on it however standard polycarbonate can yellow over time with exposure to UV.
Polycarbonate sheet (sometimes called Lexan®, Tuffak®, or Makrolon®) is used to construct safety guards or shields around machines or food prep areas as well as hatch covers for the marine industry. It’s also appropriate for security against vandalism.

Available in A/R grade for abrasion resistance often used in construction equipment windows and windshields as well as with UV inhibitors

Polycarbonate Sheets offer the following benefits:

  • Impact strength
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ideal for demanding glazing applications

  • UV stability (in A/R grade sheet)

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