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What is the Drader?

The Drader, manufactured by Drader Industries, is your go-to welding gun for thermoformed plastics. It’s unique, compact, lightweight, one handed design makes it essential for any polymer fabrication shop to have in their tool chest.  When using the heated tool tip instead of hot air blowing, surface preparation is hardly ever needed to achieve a strong weld due to the penetration of the tip through the surface into virgin material.   Good for both large production runs or just a quick weld repair, this gun has everything needed to give you a strong, high quality weld.

Why Drader?

  1. Quick interchangeable tip: Don’t slow up production if you need to change the tip on your gun. The Drader's locknut barrel design makes switching between any of the 9 stock tips a breeze.  If these tips don’t suit your needs, we offer a blank tip, so you can fab your own.
  2. Small compact design: helps to repair in areas that larger guns just can’t reach.  It also makes welding around corners a cinch. 
  3. Speed control bolt: precise control over your speed is essential for strong, quality welds.
  4. Lightweight (6lbs), one handed operation make it simple to put together your plastics, using your free hand to hold your materials for quick welds.
  5. Temperature reading that displays a temperature of the tip not the air blowing through it. 
  6. Localized heat: not using hot air or gas reduces deforming of materials around the Heat Affected Zone.  This is especially important when welding thin walled materials.

How does the Drader Work?

A dual rod driving wheeled system pulls the rod into the handle of the gun with air assistance.  The rod is then cut off and packed into the heated barrel.  When the trigger is pulled it pushes the weld rod cutoff out of the barrel and projects it into the parent material.  This gives you the penetration you need to achieve a great weld. 

What can I do with the Drader?

As it turns out a lot.  Here a just a couple of uses for the Drader Injectiweld.

Repairs: give a second life to your thermoformed plastics.  Our fabrications and repairs departments has used the Drader to fix items from municipal playground equipment, gas tanks, fruit bins, water tanks as well as vehicle body parts.   

Thermoforming: If you are thermoforming and have an issue with void or another defect, the Drader can save you valuable time and material by fixing the issue instead of scrapping it and having to start over.  It can also help with any last-minute ideas that you want to add into your product without having to go to the drawing board.

Prototyping: Have an idea that you want to bring to life involving thermoplastics?  The Drader can help you put it together.   This is not a glue gun for plastics but will give you an extremely strong weld that can withstand a lot of impact and stress.  Have confidence that your welded piece will have a strong weld even if you have little experience with welding plastics.

Custom Fabrications: At Plastruct we use the Drader every day to assemble our plastic fabrications.  They range from a small gas tank to large 50-foot water channels (see gallery).   It is also comfortable to handle for long production runs that sometimes last days and/or weeks.

Weld Rods: We stock multiple colors of HDPE and shades in co-polypropylene.  All our weld rods are UV stabilized and color matched to our Sani-Armor line of sheets.  Color matching is available for your custom color fabrications as well.

Still on the fence if the Drader is the tool for you?  Contact us today and we’ll set up a demo and help you with your concept or fabrication and ensure that it is the gun to help you with it. 

call: 1-800-642-7797 or email: [email protected]

We are now a licensed repair depot for Drader Injectiwelds.

What is in the Drader Kit?

Each W30000 Injectiweld Plastic Welder kit includes:  3/16" Fillet Weld Tip (T20001), Concial Tip (T20002), Tip Wrench, Infra-Kote Heat Transfer Compound and a robust impact-resistant Carrying Case.

Drader Specifications & Requirements

Power: 120 VAC, Air Pressure - 4 [email protected] psi, Plastic Rod Size - 4mm

Our fabrication department has been using Drader plastic welders for many years. We can recommend which tips you require plus provide plastic welding guidelines. Call us today!


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