Sheet, rod, tube

    Nylatron® is a solid choice for many applications in a wide variety of industries, from industrial to food and beverage, construction, pulp and paper, wood processing and forestry.

    Nylon type 6 has a water absorption rate of 7%, which can result in dimensional changes of up to 2%, and a corresponding reduction in physical properties. By using proper design techniques, engineers can frequently compensate for this factor.

    Typical applications for Nylatron® include heavy duty bearings, rollers, wear pads, gears, nozzles, pulleys and more.


    Nylatron® offers the following benefits:

    • Wide range of grades with characteristics geared to fit your specific application
    • High-grade strength and toughness
    • Low co-efficient of friction and inherent machinability
    • Ideally suited to bearing and wear applications
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