Liner Fastening Systems

Tivar® Capped Bolts, Weld Washers & Plugloks

There are several methods of fastening systems used for installation of liners.

Tivar® Capped Bolts

Elevator bolts are geared to fit specific liner thicknesses with a Tivar 88 flat face so that once installed they provide a smooth, flush surface for your lining installation. Tivar 88 capped bolts come in boxes of 50 and include all connecting hardware. They are available in 1/4" and 3/8" dia. plated steel in several lengths to allow installation through the substrate. Liner tools are also available to allow hole machining with a standard drill. 

Weld Washers and Plugloks

With a weld washer installation - no access is required on the outside. The machined sheets are fastened from the inside and a Tivar® plug is installed to cover the washer providing a flat, flush surface . Again it is critical to choose the proper installation hardware and plugs to ensure the lining system operates as designed, and bulk flow is achieved.