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Linerloks are a low profile, non-destructive (no holes through the substrate) method for fastening a polymer liner to the substrate.  They are placed inside the countersunk holes on the panel. If you are installing a Smooth Move lining kit these hole profiles will already be in the proper locations on the sheet. If you are drilling your own liner, two-stage Linkerlok tools are available.  Linerloks or Weld washers are typically used when there is no access to the backside of the unit being lined and/or you are installing a thin liner and need a low profile fastener.  A weld pool is created in the inside hole of the LinerLok bonding the fastener to the surface of the substrate.  After the Linerlok is installed the top will be 1/4" off the surface of the steel.    

Linerlok weld washers and plugs

Linerloks come in: Aluminum, Stainless Steel (for food safe industries), Mild Steel and Zinc plated.  

TIVAR® plugloks come in:

  • Blue for TIVAR 88®
  • Nat for UHMW Natural
  • White for TIVAR H.O.T.® (made from TIVAR H.O.T.®)
  • Black for Durapro®
  • Grey for Quicksilver® or Silverslide.

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