Haulk™ Liners

Haulk™ Dump Truck Liner
Extreme Duty Truck Liners

The Toughest liner in the industry!

Extreme wear properties!

When all else fails, Haulk™ Dump Truck Liners come to the rescue!

Customers purchase Haulk to haul the materials no other liner can touch. Pioneered in the logging industry 20 years ago, Haulk Truck lining technology was recently re-formulated for use in dump trucks. The addition of a diamond-like wear surface, increase truck liner life above all current systems. This allow use in industries previously not able to utilize the benefits of a quick release polymer liner.

In addition to hauling the extreme materials, the Haulk™ easily handles common aggregates and soils. This extreme flexibility allows companies to schedule loads with ease. 

An profitable opportunity opens up with Haulk™ dump liners, as operators can now use aluminum trailers lined with Haulk™ to haul loads typically reserved for steel trailers.

Haulk™ truck liner in aluminum trailer
Haulk™ DUmp liner (logo)

Which Materials can Haulk™ Truck Liners haul?                                                            

  • Flyash
  • Steel
  • Rock
  • Rubble
  • Broken asphalt (cold)
  • Gravel – all sizes
  • Slag
  • etc

Key Benefits of using Haulk™ Liners:

Toughest: Haulk™ is the toughest liner in the industry, hands down.

Lightweight: 1/3 the weight of aluminum and 1/7 the weight of steel. Keeps your trailer lightweight.

Long Lasting: Haulk™ outlasts all other liners!

Quick Release: Designed to reduce your cycle time, Haulk™ unloads common and sticky materials quickly and easily without the need for the driver to climb into the box. Especially known for handling frozen materials the best of any lining system.

Fits any size body: Our lining systems are made to fit exactly to your truck or trailer.

Sizes: We stock liner panels up to 16 feet wide at any length! Typical installations use 1/2" thick.

the Haulk, Heavy Duty Dump Liner


  • Medium Duty
  • Mulch, Soil, Fertilizer, Salt, Clay, Sand, and Gravel



  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Rock, Gravel, Coal, Clay, Fly ash and Fertilizer



  • High Heat Rating
  • Asphalt hot/cold, Coal, Fly ash, Phosphate, Salt and Rock