Densilite XP / TX


Densilite TX is a 5' x 8' sheet size can be used as utility flooring in and around construction portables, decking for marina dock or pontoon boats floors,  or ground protection from heavy equipment at community parks or cemetaries.  

Densilite XP wall panels and TX flooring grade will not absorb water, are not subject to rot and are UV stable. Densilite XP is commonly thought of as "plastic plywood" and can be installed as backing behind utility and electrical panels, as well as dividers in pens / stalls. XP will hold with standard screws for mounting. It's core construction offers lighter weight in comparison to solid sheeting, and 25% less expansion / contraction than similar products. We can cut or machine to size from your prints, or supply standard 4' x 8' sheets (size approximate). Available in 1/2" and 3/4" thick.

Densilite data chart

Densilite TX not break or chip like wood and comes in light grey colour with diamond tread one side to provide increased traction especially in wet or muddy areas. It is available 3/4" thick.

Because Densilite products do not absorb water - ice cannot bond to surfaces in winter, and clean up is easy with a quick power wash.


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