Capped Bolts

TIVAR® UHMWPE and Polyurethane®

TIVAR Capped Bolt Assortment

Capped Bolts are an elevator bolt that have a molded TIVAR® or urethane cap.  Installed correctly they will ensure a completely smooth and flush surface of the liner to avoid hangups.  They also seal the liner so bulk materials don't creep behind and cause premature wear or damage to the liner.  This is a two sided method of fastening so the are fastened through the substrate and secured on the back side.  Ensure access is available both inside and outside when fastening your TIVAR® and/or Plastruthane® liner with capped bolts.  

Bolts are either ¼”-20 or 3/8”-16 (TIVAR® Only).

TIVAR ® Coloured heads are: Blue for TIVAR 88®, Nat for UHMW Natural and Black for Durapro®. 

Urethane Colours: Blue for Blue Plastruthane® and Orange for High Energy Plastruthane®.

Lengths are 1”-2-1/2” in increments of ¼” for TIVAR® and 1-1/2" for Plastruthane® .

All bolts come complete with:

  • TIVAR® or Plastruthane® Capped Elevator Bolt
  • Nylon Compression Washer
  • Steel Washer
  • Lock Washer
  • Nut

TIVAR Capped Bolts


Most bolts and the counter-bore tools are available for same day shipping.

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