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  • acetal-sheet.jpg

    A high strength, durable material that will resist bending under load and can withstand cyclic stressing. It's dynamic properties make it ideal for harsh environments.

  • Women%2520with%2520Masks_edited_edited.j

    Available in clear only - Two different materials with two different sets of characteristics. Perfect for sneeze guards or other see through applications.

  • The Heavy-Duty Solution for Securing Flatbed loads and protecting your tie downs. Encouraged by the DOT & MTO  to prevent strap damage and keep loads secure.

  • Densilite TX.jpg

    The "Plastic Plywood", XP Wall Panels and TX floor grade do not absorb water or rot, and are UV stable. Ideal for outdoor agricultural applications.

  • Photo_6553687_DJI_87_jpg_4171465_0_20209

    A tough and durable Dump Truck Liner, made from UHMW-PE. This liner offers excellent impact and wear properties for hauling  medium-heavy duty materials.

  • haulk liners.png

    The toughest Liner in the Industry.  Formulated with Glass Beads to improve impact and wear properties, The Haulk Liner will carry materials no other liner can touch.

  • Sept, 04 010.jpg

    High-Density Polyethylene is a basic yet versatile engineering plastic that is easily formed and welded. Can be used in light wear applications.

  • linerloks and plugloks.png

    Explore our variety of options for fastening your Polymer Lining System. We offer low-profile fastening solutions to ensure your material continues to flow freely.

  • P004_135_001_009_LRG.jpg

    Extensively used in the marine industry and recreational industries because this modified HDPE sheet is rot and water resistant, and is a breeze to work with.

  • nylatron gsm.jpg

    This heavy duty engineering polymer is a solid choice for a variety of industries including: Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Pulp & Paper.

  • 2mm-thickness-high-temperature-resistanc

    Polyetheretherketone is a premium material for high-heat bearing and wear applications. Rated up to 480°F.

    Available in food grade.

  • phenolic CE.jpg

    Known primarily for it's mechanical properties, Phenolic is a hard, dense material. It is light weight, easy to machine, and chemical resistant.

  • 20190529_142634.jpg

    Drader is the go-to welding gun for weldable plastics. It’s compact, lightweight and one handed design makes it essential for any polymer fabrication shop.

  • polypropylene.jpg

    Easily formed and fabricated, PP is a great choice for a wide range of custom fabrications.  PP offers high-impact strength, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. 

  • _DSC4225.JPG

    A tough and resilient material, elastomeric urethane is specifically designed for use in applications requiring strong abrasion and impact resistance.

  • teflon.jpg

    More commonly known as Teflon, this material is mainly used in high-temp applications(Up to 650°F). Available in modified grades such as glass filled.

  • PVC.jpg


    An economical alternative to other hard, rigid Polymers. It is corrosion resistant and will not absorb moisture, however does not perform in wear applications.

  • Komatsu OffRoad QuickSilver.jpg

    From carrying Hot Asphalt to releasing frozen materials, this is a heavy duty Dump Truck Liner for extreme temperatures. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Silverslide box.jpg

    A cost-effective Dump Truck Liner for light-medium duty and wet material hauling.  Protect your truck and prevent stuck materials.

  • DSC_3752_edited.jpg

    The highest quality UHMW-PEs, used for especially demanding applications in bulk material handling. Multiple high performance formulations available.

  • DSC_4576.jpeg

    A benchmark performer in engineered polymers. UHMW is a premium material with exceptional wear and abrasion properties.


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