**Marine Board meets all Canadian and American government standards for food contact*



Marine Board

Slightly Textured, No Slip, Anti-Marking

This modified HDPE sheet is rot and water resistant, won’t delaminate, and is easy to cut, router, drill and saw. Many boat and pleasure craft manufacturers depend on Marine Board for floors or cabinetry work. Sometimes referred to as Starboard or Boatboard, it is available in White, Grey, or Black.


Marine Board is a modified HDPE product. This allows Marine Board to possess the convenient workable characteristics of HDPE on top of its enhanced moisture resistance. This means it is tough and will not chip or crack as you manipulate the material. It's high tensile strength and high density make it an ideal candidate for CNC parts and custom fabrications.

Marine Use

Marine Board is widely used by boat builders across North America. Marine Board is a dense material with very little to no moisture absorption, making it impervious to rot and it will not delaminate over time. On-top of it's durable textured finish, these qualities are why Marine Board is the Polymer of choice for Marine Carpentry.



Food handling


Outdoor fabrications


Marine board vs Canadian Winter

Due to it's high-density and the non-existent water absorption, Marine Board will not freeze up or crack while exposed to the elements during a harsh winter. If you live in a seasonal or damp climate, You should consider using Marine Board for your next outdoor fabrication.

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