Machined Plastic Components

We manufacture milled and turned parts as well as router machining of small to very large sheet components. With multi-axis CNC equipment our machinists produce complicated components with high tolerances.

Our team is dedicated to meet customer deadlines for large runs and shut down rush parts. Plastruct's customers love the reliability of our plastic machining services! Our commitment to you is quality machined plastic parts and guaranteed satisfaction!

Quality control of machined plastic parts

The expertise of our team and their thorough understanding of polymer structure, is a great asset to help you with choosing the correct material for your application. Our team understands the industry and has first hand knowledge regarding polymer performance on wear, sliding abrasion, impact, or chemical resistance.

CNC programmer reviewing plastic components

Our in-house engineering department can assist in the polymer material specification process. We also have direct access to engineered polymer manufacturer's product engineers! Our engineers can increase service life on your components by recommending the polymer best for the part. Cost savings really add up by reduced labor and longer service life when change-outs can be reduced.