Lining Systems

Flow issues can slow production to a standstill and result in dangerous working conditions, wasted material and cost overruns. In today’s competitive environment, losing time and money to erratic or no flow is frustrating and expensive if you need to replace or repair equipment due to premature wear.

Fortunately, we have years of combined technical knowledge and experience solving this problem for customers across a number of industries, including bulk material handling, forestry and wood processing, transportation, construction and mining. We start with a thoughtful consultation process, asking the right questions so we understand your specific problems, pain points and requirements. From inspection to engineering and fabrication, we partner with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the best value for your investment and achieve peak efficiency.

Our plastic polymer lining systems offer the following benefits:

  • Low co-efficient of friction means heavy bulk materials move easier. Chances of sticking, restricted flow, wear and abrasion on equipment are reduced

  • Near-zero water absorption means almost no chance of product sticking or bonding to lined equipment, even in cold weather

  • Plastic polymer liners outlive their metal equivalents, saving you time and money in equipment costs


We can help you custom design the right polymer lining system to fit your exact specifications.

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