Plastruct Polyzone's variety of liner fastening solutions are designed each for their own unique purpose to ensure we can meet all of our customers needs. Available in different materials and colours, ask our sales staff for more information today!

Non-Destructive Fasteners

Plastruct Polyzone is proud to supply our customers with a non-destructive fastening solution for Bulk Material Handling Liners and Polymer Dump Truck Liners for when you want to keep your substrate free of punctures or there is no rear-side access to the substrate. Placed inside a counter sunk hole on the liner, a weld pool is created in the inside hole of the Liner Lok, bonding the fastener to the surface of the substrate. Liners machined by Plastruct have counter-sunk holes pre-drilled. For customer-installed liner kits, we carry a two-stage Liner Lok drill bit.



Plug Lok Availability

Plastruct Polyzone carries PlugLoks in the following materials and colours:

TIVAR88 - Blue

UHMW -Natural White

TIVAR H.O.T - White

DuraPro - Black

SilverSlide - Grey

QuickSilver - Grey


Non-destructive Fastening

Flush Surface

Hard to reach substrate

Weldable Fastener


Liner Fasteners

Flush Fastening Solutions for Any Environment