Installation Services

We have the knowledge, creativity and flexibility to solve your flow issues. 

Your polymer lining system is engineered to eliminate flow issues, increase productivity and improve safety. Throughout the entire construction process, we look after all the tiny details and custom design your system to your specific requirements. But all that time, money and effort go to waste if it’s incorrectly installed. One missed detail or measurement can cause sticking issues and a shortened lifespan due to premature wear.

From custom cutting engineered panels to suit difficult geometries to using proper fastening methods, we ensure your installation goes smoothly and that no aspect is overlooked.

A professional installation will contribute to:

  • Increased production due to full release of materials and less batch contamination due to reduced sticking 
  • Reduced chances of buckling and premature wear (a result of proper fastening methods that allow for natural contraction and expansion)

  • Increased safety of your employees (generally no need for workers to be exposed to the risks associated with using vibrating rods, prods or hammers). Noise is also greatly reduced.

plastic installation of bulk material lining systems

Installations require technical knowledge and experience with various types of equipment. That’s why we employ our own professional, in-house installation experts (no subcontractors), and guarantee installation of your system.