We’re here to help the manufacturing industry run safely, at near-peak production capacity by providing dependable, versatile and cost-effective choices of polymer to fulfill your specific requirements. Whether it be OEM components or maintenance plastics, our team is a reliable source. The benefit of using polymers to produce industrial components is their low co-efficient of friction and high-wear properties allow for a longer service life.

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The agricultural industry is vast , and is almost a compilation of all other industries combined. With such a broad range of applications you are faced with, our goal is to help make your life easier through the use of plastics designed for use in agriculture and farms. From tough materials that can take a beating in pens, to fabricated troughs, to food handling approved materials, and liners for anything from manure spreaders to silos, Plastruct has your plastic needs covered. 

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We supply Food Grade plastic components, Easy flow liners, wear strips and polished machine parts for both hot and cold applications. One of our strengths has been assisting food processing clients with bulk storage. Efficient handling of raw materials such as Flour, Sugar, Dough, Fruit, or by-products of the process is crucial.  Ensuring good flow through your system is not only essential for hygiene, it is a key factor to maintain high levels of production



Plastruct has a number of products that have been tried and tested in the exact conditions you deal with. We can make your life easier while your aggregate system operates more efficiently by replacing hardened steel with Plastruthane impact sheets. It lasts twice as long and is easier to replace! We also Install extreme wear polymer release liners to keep fines moving – no more climbing in the hoppers to clean them out!



Traditional materials like Bronze, Brass, Rubber, Steel are not always the best choice. Maintenance teams rely on engineered plastics. Many applications have been transitioned to plastic due to the benefits they provide from reduced downtime and increased efficiency. From basic replacement parts to engineered components or bulk material solutions. Contact our experts to help solve applications using the power of plastics.