Taking the time to manually clean sticky or non-flowing bulk materials out of truck beds or conveyor rollers can be a dirty, frustrating, time consuming job that takes you away from real work.

We design and supply polymer lining systems to handle some of the most aggressive materials in industry. Companies are utilising polymer lining systems to help facilitate the movement of bulk materials.across the Transportation of bulk goods in the coal and power gen industries, steel making, pulp and paper / wood processing, and marine industries,

Whether you’re transporting aggregates, grain, coal, dirt, asphalt or sludge, our polymer liners allow for the clean release of bulk materials.

Benefits of using polymer lining systems in the transportation industry include:

·    0% water absorption allows for four-season use and eliminates most manual cleanouts when properly installed

·    Abrasion, corrosion and impact resistant

·    Long wear life often extends the life of walls and structure substrate

·    Customized to fit your requirements

We can help you boost productivity with a custom built polymer lining system.

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