Recreational / Municipalities

Playground in municipal park

Recreational facilities and municipal properties are heavy traffic areas with a tight budget for routine and unscheduled maintenance. The material used here takes a lot of punishment from heavy traffic, tough outdoor weather conditions and chemical use.

Plastics are a popular alternative to wood and can be used in a diverse range of applications, from multi-coloured board products for outdoor play structures to clear roof and wall sheeting for bus stops, guards and shields.

Densilite TX is commonly used for non-slip areas on walkways, accessibility ramps at schools and hospitals, or for ground protection in sensitive areas such as cemeteries.

At Plastruct Polyzone we have the in-house expertise to design and produce colour-coordinated custom planters, refuse and recycling containers and flower boxes.

Benefits of using plastics in recreational and municipal facilities include:

  • Non-slip, durable Densilite TX ensures users’ safety in high traffic areas
  • More cost-effective and versatile than many other materials
  • Impact and weather resistant

Plastic Weld Repairs 

With our experience in plastic welding we can repair your cracked or broken playground equipment. Our plastic welding can handle ALL the tough weather conditions as well as physical abuse. Also with our many different colours of welding rod we can match many of the colours of your equipment.

Plastic Weld Repair