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In early days, gravel pits and quarries used traditional products. Hoppers were built with mild steel. When the aggregate wore a hole in the bin or chute, they patched it with another pc of steel.  As steel advanced they came out with hardened steel (Hardox, T1, etc) that lasted longer than mild steel. So, everyone started patching their equipment with this. In hard to reach areas, cranes were needed as this is very heavy material.

The trouble is, even the hardened steel was wearing out. The goal was to get it to last a season, and then in the winter, when the bone chilling cold winds are blowing through the quarry, you replace it or patch it so you can get another 6 months or a year out of it.

We have a better solution!

What if we told you that we have a solution that rivals hardened steel for wear? And what if we said that you could carry it with 2 men rather than get a crane to lift it? Where would you rather be in the winter? Struggling to weld some heavy steel in the freezing winter, or sitting in your warm office planning more efficiencies for your systems?

"Plastruct has increased the productivity of our entire plant! Since they have installed liners into our hoppers our men no longer need to risk their safety by going into the bin to clean it out." Kevin D.

Plastruct has a number of products that have been tried and tested in the exact conditions you deal with. We can make your life easier while your aggregate system starts operating more efficiently.

We have helped many of your peers:

  • Replacing Hardened steel with Plastruthane impact sheets. Lasts twice as long and is easier to replace!
  • Installed extreme wear polymer release liners to keep fines moving – no more climbing in the hoppers to clean them out!
  • No one likes changing belt skirting. We stock belt skirting that outlasts rubber at least 2:1!
Plastruthane impact sheets

It’s a tough job ….

                       Want us to take care of it?

Count on our experience for your success!

  • 100% Safe Work Record
  • Trained for all Safe Work Procedures
  • Certified Polymer Installation Journeymen
  • CWB welding certified
  • Qualified for structural steel work
  • Guaranteed workmanship warranty
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