Mining, Drilling, Exploration


The mining, drilling and exploration industry has seen significant developments in technology and is striving to meet challenges as prices on everything from iron ore to nickel, zinc and lead continue to shift.

Regardless of what might be going on industry-wide, the industry remains a major contributor to our economy. Stakeholder expectations are high, money and time is tight, and competition is only getting tougher.

Out of sheer necessity, surviving companies are growing leaner and stronger as investors demand they find more innovative, efficient ways to operate.

With all of these factors in play, you’re continually improving productivity and efficiency in any way possible.

Downtime is unacceptable, so your equipment better be reliable, versatile and cost-effective.

That’s why our engineered plastic materials are built to last for a wide range of applications, from bearings, wear components, chain guides, conveyor parts, bushings, sprockets and rollers. The less revenue you spend on costly problems and downtime, the more you can invest in MTBR and growing your company.

Benefits of using engineered plastics in the mining, drilling & exploration industry include:

  • Lighter weight materials versus metal parts lead to weight savings and reduced power consumption in many cases
  • Self-lubricating products save time and resources
  • Long wear life extends the usability of equipment
  • Abrasion, corrosion and impact resistant