Surface and Underground Mining Operations.

Plastics are used in the Mining Industry to improve mining efficiency and reduce downtime.

4 Key Strengths of Plastics that will help you

✅ Reducing wear problems in bushing and bearing applications with self-lubricating, low friction plastics

✅ Solving bulk material flow problems with sticking bulk materials by eliminating carry back with quick-release plastics

✅ Reducing abrasive wear from bulk materials with tough, abrasion resistant plastics

✅ Supplying Fabricated Plastic components for safety and production applications

"I wasn't convinced at first, but I have to admit the Plastruthane™ Impact Plates did the job. Outlasted the AR plates." Jim B.

Benefits of using engineered plastics in the mining, drilling & exploration industry include:

  • Lighter weight materials versus metal parts lead to weight savings and reduced power consumption in many cases
  • Self-lubricating products save time and resources
  • Long wear life extends the usability of equipment
  • Abrasion, corrosion and impact resistant

Mining - Underground Production


  • Bridge Conveyer Components
  • Bushing & Bearings
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaners & Idler Bushings
  • Skip Liners
  • Conveyor Wear Strip
  • Crusher Components
  • Drag Chain Conveyer Wear Strip
  • Hopper & Chute Linings
  • Pulleys & Sheaves
  • Pump & Valve Seals
  • Safety Enclosure Windows
  • Shuttle Car Wear Components
  • Stabilizers & Spacers
  • Plus many more

Mining – Surface Production


  • Haul Truck Linings
  • Bushings & Bearings
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaners
  • Conveyor Wear Strip
  • Drag Chain Conveyer Wear Strip
  • Drag Line & Excavator Bucket Liners
  • Hopper & Chute Linings
  • Pads & Bumpers
  • Pivot Bushings
  • Pulleys & Sheaves
  • Rollers
  • Sprockets
  • Plus many more

Canadian Mining Industry - Global Leader

  • Thanks to its rich geology, Canada is one of the largest mining nations in the world producing more than 60 minerals and metals.
  • Canada ranks in the top five countries in the global production of 16 major minerals and metals:
    • First in potash
    • Second in uranium and niobium
    • Third in nickel, gemstones, cobalt, aluminum and platinum group metals
    • Fourth in cobalt, cadmium, graphite and sulphur
    • Fifth in diamonds, titanium, gold and mica
  • 50% of the world’s public mining companies are listed on the TSX and TSX-Venture Exchanges. Together, the two exchanges accounted for 38% of the equity capital raised globally for mining in 2017.
  • Globally, Canada is recognized for its leadership in safety and sustainability.
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