Forestry / Wood Processing

Wood chips

With the shift away from paper-based communications products due to increased used of electronic media, the forestry and wood processing industry has had to transform itself to produce more new and innovative products.

The materials the industry uses day in, day out to produce those products has changed as well. Engineered polymers have replaced lubricated metals for wear strips, bearings, bushings, sheaves and guides.

Many polymers can operate without any external lubrication, and their lightweight characteristics make them an excellent choice for use in routinely tough environments where noise reduction is a concern.

Specifically, Plastruthane products do a phenomenal job of reducing noise and extending the life of impact pads in areas where wood chips may reduce the lifespan of other materials.

Benefits of using engineered polymers in the forestry and wood processing industry include:

  • Lightweight properties result in quieter operation than bronze, brass or steel parts
  • Self-lubricating parts eliminate risk of sticking and abrasion