Food and Beverage

Custom Plastic Parts and Materials that benefit Food and Beverage manufacturers.

Why use food grade specialty plastics?

In addition to ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies, food and beverage operations will gain the following benefits:

✅ Reduced maintenance costs. Custom plastic parts will not corrode or hold bacteria and is easy to clean during washdowns. Replacing key components with machined plastic parts will result in fewer equipment breakdowns. Engineered Plastics have remarkable load capacity and wear resistance. Their low surface friction reduces strain and allows for less load on drives and motors.

✅ Throw out your Food Grade Lubricant! Keeping parts lubricated is a problem in a food plant. The sliding properties of plastics mean you don’t need to add lubrication.

✅ Clean, Clean, Clean!!! The excellent release properties of plastics ensure food doesn’t hold on to parts during production. The plastic components are easily cleaned and have amazing chemical resistance!

✅ The white glove treatment. Utilizing custom plastic components means your products are handled gently! Soft to the touch compared to metal, and easy on your equipment, using machined plastic parts is like a pamper treatment for your facility.

✅ Quicker Certification of Equipment. The use of FDA compliant plastics speeds up the certification process to get your process equipment approved and running.

✅ Automation Design Capability. The low coefficient of friction combined with wear strengths allow equipment designers to maximize efficiency and increases production numbers.

Follow your food products up the processing chain….

                                                      We can help from the beginning!

   One of our strengths has been assisting food processing client with bulk storage. Efficient handling of raw materials such as Flour, Sugar, Dough, Fruit, or by-products of the process is crucial.  Ensuring good flow through your system is not only essential for hygiene, it is a key factor to maintain high levels of production.

Fluidizing Beds: Complete Turn-key replacements with Certified components and Millwrighting services

Chute Liners: Supply and /or installation of Custom Fabricated FDA Plastic chutes or liners to promote flow and speed of products. We guarantee immediate success of decreased labor and clean flow, leading to efficient production.

Hoppers/Holding Bins: Turn-key FDA Plastic Lining systems designed with low coefficient of friction. No more manual cleanouts or stoppages during production. Food inspection

Do you need Hot Products?

Engineered plastics no longer have high temperature restrictions. There are high temperature plastics that can greatly assist where currently you have used Stainless Steel due to the heat factor. This can be in applications as simple as a plate or chute that needs to handle 135°C (275°F), or bushings that reach temperatures up to 315°C (600°F) while maintaining dimensional stability.

FDA Approved
"Your FRP wall panels installed easily; they gave the entire room a clean look! Definitely a dream to pressure wash!"

Don’t forget about the building!

We stock plastics for your entire facility. All FDA approved for use as building materials in contact or non-contact food facilities. Wall panels of smooth finish, or with engineered texture for easy release by pressure washing. Wall panels can be Class C or Class A, dependent on building codes in your area. All of the necessary molding, fasteners, adhesives and baseboards are in stock.

   Fiberglass FDA Grating to cover wastewater trenches for pedestrian as well as forklift traffic. Door Strips either ribbed or smooth in a see-through FDA material as well as insect door strips.

What regulations are we compliant with?

1. FDA CFR 21: The Food and Drug administration is responsible for determining how material may be used when in contact with food products.

2. Canada Ag: The safety of all materials used for food packaging is controlled under Division 23 of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.

3. 3-A Dairy and Milk: Was founded by 3 dairy associations to establish sanitary standards and practices for the equipment and systems used to process milk and milk products and other perishable foods.

4. USDA: The United States Department of Agriculture Food and Safety Inspection Services regulates the manufacturing, packaging, and handling practices in the agrictural food industry. The USDA policy states that components used in direct contact with food must be documented to show compliance with Federal Food and Drug Act.

5. NSF International: The National Sanitation Foundation is a not for profit organization that provides public health and safety risk management solutions.

6. EU 10/2011: The European Union regulation that sets rules for plastics materials and articles intended for use in food contact applications.

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