Food and Beverage

Food production

In the food and beverage industry, safety standards are everyone's business.

Policies and restrictions on sanitation and preventing contamination and the necessity to avoid food-borne illnesses mean that the industry is constantly evaluating methods to produce more food, more efficiently at a lower processing cost. Aggressive cleaning schedules involving harsher cleaning solutions, frequent inspections from internal staff as well as government agencies, and tight food production schedules mean there’s no time for unscheduled maintenance or costly downtime.

For these reasons, food grade plastics are a popular choice for food processing facilities. From UHMW conveyor components to PET machined bearings, Acetal bushings or co-poly custom tubs and bins - we fabricate and machine polymers that stand up to the frequent cleaning with harsh solutions.

Engineered plastic parts are replacing stainless steel and metal components in equipment such as mixers, paddles, sprockets, distribution valves and bearings.

Benefits of using engineered plastic parts in the food and beverage industry include:

  • Easily cleanable surfaces reduce chances of contamination
  • Engineered for high wear properties
  • Long wear life extends the usability of equipment
  • Custom engineered to fit your requirements