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In the commercial industry, you’re faced with tight operational budgets and demands from investors to keep profits up and costs down.

Plastruct Polyzone offers several products to support the commercial market, from easily cleanable food grade FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) wall panels and FoodZone BaseBoard in your utility areas and freezers to durable Sanalite cutting board materials for your kitchen.

Benefits of using plastic materials in commercial spaces include:

  • Easily wipe graffiti, food spills, and other hard-to-clean dirt from FRP wall panels, which feature a Glasboard™ surfaseal anti-bacterial layer
  • FoodZone BaseBoard protects walls in food areas against damage from pallet trucks, lift carts and pallets
  • Premium, lightweight Sanalite® cutting board material is chemical and corrosion resistant, lightweight and easily cleanable

We can help you find the right wall or ceiling panels, baseboard or cutting board material for your commercial space.

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