Cities and Municipalities

People helping people in the areas where we live.

 Local town and city staff are stewards of our municipalities. Generally speaking, we underestimate the broad scope of responsibilities and types of knowledge needed in the various segments that make up their complete scope of work. In a nutshell, when the various operational areas of these are considered, Cities, Towns, and Regions are cross trained in pretty much every industry listed in our information.

   Our goal is to help Towns, Cities, and Regional Operations achieve efficiency, increase service life of equipment, and decrease maintenance and labor costs. We do this by employing our experience learned in other industries and applying our knowledge of engineered plastics to their applications.

✅ Public Works

✅ Parks & Recreation

✅ Wastewater Treatment


Public Works:

Public works professionals plan, design, build, operate and maintain transportation, water supply, storm drainage, sewage and refuse disposal systems, public buildings, and other structures and facilities and provide community services that are essential to Canada’s economy and quality of life.

Public Works benefits greatly from the advancement in engineered plastics.

  • Road repair crews use dump body liners that easily release wet soil or clay as well as hot asphalt and stone.
  • City snowplows benefit from our Safety Orange non-stick plow blades (very under-rated as they not only save fuel by over 15%, they also allow trucks to push through deep wet snow more easily)
  • Ground plates for driving equipment on grass surfaces
  • Outrigger pads
  • Trailer floor textured plastic sheets
  • hockey boards and Plexiglas for arenas and fair ground facilities
  • Custom plastic fabrications are utilized for building non-breakable recycling and refuse containers
  • Plastic lumber is used for many applications including blocking, containment and non-rotting sleepers. Inside the shop, Public works uses plastic table tops t hat are easy to wipe down and handle impact.
Public works

Parks and Recreation:

Parks and recreation departments ensure that citizens have spaces to exercise, play, and do other activities to improve their quality of life. Their role in maintaining these facilities is not limited to urban centers as they also maintain forests, campgrounds and natural habitats as well.

Plastic welding repair

There is a price to pay to keep the community active. The work required to keep all the parks, and recreational facilities in safe working order is a big responsibility. Using engineered plastics certainly helps in areas of maintenance, service life, and safety. We work with towns and cities across our great country, and our friends to the south, supplying them plastic solutions to make life just a little easier.

  • Playground plastics. Component replacement parts or plastic welding repairs
  • Community arena maintenance. Hockey side boards, Plexiglas, skate walking areas, bench planks, etc
  • Outbuilding products for walls, floors, and non-rotting supports
  • Campground and Forestry products for outhouses, buildings, drag sleds, etc
  • Pools and Aquatic centers. Wall panels, custom fabricated containers and parts, etc
  • Marina plastics such as BoatBoard™, Starboard™, Textured non-slip sheets
  • Outdoor venues and sport fields.

Waste Water Treatment:

Municipal wastewater is one of the largest sources of pollution, by volume, to surface water in Canada. Municipal wastewater receives treatment before being released into the environment. Treated wastewater may contain grit, debris, biological wastes, disease-causing bacteria, nutrients, and hundreds of chemicals such as those in drugs and in personal care products like shampoo and cosmetics.

In primary treatment, wastewater is pumped into a large tank where the heavy solids are allowed to settle. In the secondary treatment process, bacteria and oxygen are added to primary-treated wastewater to further remove biological waste. Tertiary treatment removes specific substances of concern after secondary treatment using a number of physical, chemical or biological processes. because there is less surface water to dilute the pollution in the wastewater.

Plastics are utilized in wastewater treatment facilities. Plastics are non-corrosive, chemical resistant, wear resistant, and designed to extend service life of your equipment.

Plastruct Polyzone manufactures many custom plastic components to service these facilities. They include:

  • Screw auger liners
  • Fabricated plastic totes
  • Polyurethane Scrapers
  • Engineered Plastic Seals
  • Chemical Resistant Liners
  • FDA Building Wall Panels
  • Recycled Plastic Lumber
water treatment plant
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