Bulk Material Handling and Storage

Hoppers, bins, chutes for bulk handling equipment are often bottleneck points during the production processes.

Problems such as sticking or freezing in place, rat-holing or arching - can inhibit mass flow and slow production. These conditions can also create potentially dangerous work areas - so when your workers’ safety is top priority and you can’t afford downtime, we’ve got solutions to help you operate safely at near-peak production capacity.

Once companies have installed polymer liners and have seen the positive results, there are often other applications within the facility that are identified as potential areas for liner installations.

The specially engineered plastics can help extend the life of support structures and eliminate the need to use hammers / air lances to induce flow. Polymers won’t absorb water and are engineered to decrease sticking and withstand abrasion. (Ask us about the sand/slurry testing data!)

Benefits of using a specially engineered polymer lining system include:

  • Almost 0% water absorption
  • Engineered for high wear properties
  • Low coefficients of friction 
  • Corrosion resistance and noise abatement
  • Clean release - reduce or eliminate manual clean out
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