Building and Construction

Building and Construction

We supply Polygrid/FRP non-slip grating and Densilite TX floor panels specifically for these tough outdoor high-traffic environments, where mud, dirt, sand and wet areas can’t always be controlled. Our clients in all climates across North America also use our commercial FRP wall liners for a diverse range of applications, from food prep, kitchen and storage areas. Utility grade plastic lumber is also a popular choice for building utility benches and boxes, as well as acting as a moisture barrier. Puckboard Sani Armor is oftentimes used as a liner on concrete forms due to it's release properties and plastic does not wick moisture like wood does.

Benefits of using plastic applications in the building and construction industry include:

  • Near zero percent absorbency rate makes plastics rot resistant
  • UV inhibitors in many plastic components make them an optimal choice for outdoor use
  • Long wear life and durability extend the usability of equipment
  • Versatility means plastics are widely usable across many applications
  • Custom cutting and shaping available to suit your application.

In the building and construction industry, safety is top-of-mind at any work site. With so many opportunities for slip and fall accidents due to high vehicle and foot traffic, heavy debris and dirty, muddy surfaces, you need durable, versatile non-slip products that stand up to extreme conditions.