Hoppers, bins, chutes for bulk handling equipment are often bottleneck points during the production processes. If product is sticking or freezing in place, or problems such as ratholing and arching occur flow can become a problem, slowing your productivity and creating a potentially dangerous work area.
Taking the time to manually clean sticky or non-flowing bulk materials out of truck beds or conveyor rollers can be a dirty, frustrating, time consuming job that takes you away from real work. We design and supply polymer lining systems to handle some of the most aggressive materials in industry. Across the construction, pulp and paper, wood processing, and marine industries, companies are utilizing polymer lining systems to help facilitate the movement of bulk materials.
The landscape of the industrial and manufacturing industries have been reshaped in recent years by technological trends and innovation, but your staff’s safety remains paramount and you can’t afford to lose a minute to downtime due to the sticking or abrasion issues that can plague metal equipment. The need for smart, lean, cost-effective and highly productive operations only becomes more important. We’re here to help you run safely at near-peak production capacity by providing dependable, versatile and cost-effective choices of polymer to fulfill your specific requirements.
Food grade plastics are a popular choice for food processing facilities. From UHMW conveyor components to PET machined bearings, Acetal bushings or co-poly custom tubs and bins - we fabricate and machine polymers that stand up to the frequent cleaning with harsh solutions.
At Plastruct Polyzone, we understand the importance of maintaining production schedules and the costs associated with downtime. We stock fluidizing bed membrane and seal materials at our facility, and we have the technical expertise and ability to carefully remove, clean, inspect, and re-line your existing unit to get you back in service, and back online.
The mining, drilling and exploration industry has seen significant developments in technology and is striving to meet challenges as prices on everything from iron ore to nickel, zinc and lead continue to shift.
Open configuration options In the building and construction industry, safety is top-of-mind at any work site. With so many opportunities for slip and fall accidents due to high vehicle and foot traffic, heavy debris and dirty, muddy surfaces, you need durable, versatile non-slip products that stand up to extreme conditions.
With the shift away from paper-based communications products due to increased used of electronic media, the forestry and wood processing industry has had to transform itself to produce more new and innovative products. The materials the industry uses day in, day out to produce those products has changed as well. Engineered polymers have replaced lubricated metals for wear strips, bearings, bushings, sheaves and guides.
In the commercial industry, you’re faced with tight operational budgets and demands from investors to keep profits up and costs down. Plastruct Polyzone offers several products to support the commercial market, from easily cleanable food grade FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) wall panels and FoodZone BaseBoard in your utility areas and freezers to durable Sanalite cutting board materials for your kitchen.
Recreational facilities and municipal properties are heavy traffic areas with a tight budget for routine and unscheduled maintenance. The material used here takes a lot of punishment from heavy traffic, tough outdoor weather conditions and chemical use. Plastics are a popular alternative to wood and can be used in a diverse range of applications, from multi-coloured board products for outdoor play structures to clear roof and wall sheeting for bus stops, guards and shields.