Plastruct Polyzone is an experienced bulk materials lining company that designs, fabricates and installs industrial lining systems throughout North America.  Regardless of the industry, size or complexity, we bring passion and commitment to every project, ensuring a successful, production boosting results.
We specialize in high quality lining systems designed specifically for all dump, live-bottom, container bodies. Lining with SilverSlide, DuraPro, QuickSilver or Haulk liners provides significant advantages for both companies and operators.
We’re here to help the manufacturing industry run safely, at near-peak production capacity by providing dependable, versatile and cost-effective choices of polymer to fulfill your specific requirements. Whether it be OEM components or maintenance plastics, our team is a reliable source.
Plastruct has a number of products that have been tried and tested in the exact conditions you deal with. We can make your life easier while your aggregate system operates more efficiently.
Dealing with cement powder, concrete, gravel, hoppers, conveyors etc. can be trying the best of times. Quick Flow liners and high wearing polymer components is where we can help you. You might be surprised the difference it makes.
Agriculture is the compilation of all other industries combined. With such a broad range of applications you are faced with, our goal is to help make your life easier through the use of plastics designed for use in agricultural and farms.
Food Grade plastic components, Easy flow liners, wear strips and polished machine parts for both hot and cold applications. We help you maintain high levels of production with minimum maintenance.
Our goal is to help Towns, Cities, and Regional Operations achieve efficiency, increase service life of equipment, and decrease maintenance and labor costs. We do this by employing our experience learned in other industries and applying our knowledge of engineered plastics to their applications.
Tough, abrasion resistant plastics for both surface and underground mining operations. Increasing efficiency of handling bulk materials as well as many impact and abrasive wear components are ways we assist staff in your operations.
Materials that perform in adverse conditions and expertise in applications that will minimize risk and increase production. Review our information on plastics in your industry segment.
Maintenance teams rely on engineered plastics. Many applications have been transitioned to plastic due to the benefits they provide. Production benefits from reduced downtime and increased efficiency.
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