Extreme Impact & Wear

With the best impact and wear resistant properties, The Haulk liner offers unmatched protection. Not only will the Haulk unload just about any harsh material with speed while wearing less than a steel substrate, but it will also protect your truck while loading your box. The impact resistance takes a grunt of the beating and ensures your substrate remains unscathed.

Economical Benefits

Traditionally many operators have patched their damaged trailers with steel, however with Haulk that is not necessary. Not only will the Haulk last longer than steel, meaning less repair cost and downtime, but it is weldable meaning it can be patched as well.  The benefit to using a polymer liner compared to steel is the lightweight nature of the material allows you to haul as much material as possible per trip, as well as complete more hauls in a day thanks to it's quick release properties.


Large Rock

Rip Rap

Bottom Ash


Auto Fluff




Even though the Haulk is the toughest liner on the market and is designed for carrying the harshest materials, it is not suggested to haul demolition containing rebar. Large demo rebar can puncture and tear out the liner and will void any warranty coverage associated with your liner.

If hauling rebar is a must, we recommend (however cannot guarantee) placing a layer of gravel or sand between your liner and the demolition materials.



For The Most Extreme Hauling Applications


Manufactured with special additives, this 100% Virgin UHMW-PE Liner is as tough as it gets. Formulated with glass beads, the Haulk is the toughest performer when it comes to wear and impact properties. Suited for the most extreme hauling applications.

haulk liners.png