Plastic Fabrication and Plastic Welding

We work with companies from a wide variety of industries such as industrial, transportation, agricultural, municipal and food processing  building quality plastic fabrications. OEM and industry end-users recognize Plastructs' expertise in manufacturing complex assemblies and weldments that improve safety and extend the lifespan of their equipment.

Bring your ideas to us! Our engineering department provides practical plastic fabricated solution to make your life easier.  We use the highest quality HDPE, Co-poly Polypropylene, UHMW and other materials to fabricate utility bins, water diverters, wear components, chemical tubs and custom designs. Extend your equipment’s lifespan and keep costs in line by trusting the unmatched strength and versatility of welded plastics. We also repair playground equipment, water storage tanks on farm equipment or tank trucks. 

Polyurethane Welded Tube

With a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of manufacturing. With our team of highly experienced technicians and fitters we are able to provide a complete supply and installation service to ensure you are up and running.

Custom Design & Fabrication Services

  • Industrial and utility-use fabrications (using your drawings or designed in partnership with our team)

  • Complete river simulators and other complex R&D projects for a universities and research departments

  • Landing gear shrouds for military applications

  • Custom boxes, tanks, refuse & recycling containers 

  • Fabricated FDA plastic bin inserts

  • Complete fabricated structures and conveying systems utilizing formed plastic sheet

  • Utility benches (constructed for municipalities using utility grade plastic lumber)

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Welding Repairs

Plastic Welder
  • Cracked or broken agricultural bins, chutes and other weldable plastic items to help farms and vineyards meet inspection standards
  • Water tank trucks, sprayers, and fuel tanks

  • PVC ducting and pipes

  • Playground equipment damaged due to vandalism, fire and other causes, repaired using coloured Sani Armor or Tiger-board materials

  • A variety of unique projects including: Animal Traps, Custom tanks, Boat Parts, high-abrasion pads and liners, and much more!

We have the in-house knowledge and expertise to marry form and function to meet your criteria and provide a customized solution. Our experienced design team will work with you to custom build a solution and put your ideas on paper; then our fabrication team takes your design from blueprint to reality.

Plastruct works with clients to provide custom design, fabrication and repairs using high quality welded plastics, which offer unmatched strength and versatility. Design and fabrication require attention to detail, immense technical knowledge and years of industry experience.

Flower Nursery Trays

Plastruct Polyzone provides the following Plastic Fabrication Services:

Engineering: Our engineers will assist you to develop your fabrication utilizing optimum materials and polymer design concepts. We have an uncanny ability to simplify fabrications avoiding un-necessary weight and cost. Success is achieved when beauty and form cause function to excel.

Fabrication: We fabricate assemblies, weldments, and large scale projects to your drawings and specifications following polymer engineering standards for both connection details and welding.

Quality Control: Our quality assurance team verifies fabrication tolerances. Our polymer welding supervisor confirms standards are met or exceeded. Plastic welding is completed by certified staff.

"We were impressed with Plastruct's Engineering team. Their experience in plastic fabrication design was of great assistance to our production team who are more familiar with steel design principles. The project was completed on time and continues to perform above expectations".  Derek G. P.Eng

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Technical Sales team and Engineering staff standing by to help you with your fabrication requests.


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