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DURAPRO™ Toughest liner with Quickest payback                  

DuraPro™ dump truck and live bottom trailer liners offer the best solution for most applications

  • Carry back virtually eliminated. Bonus – No Shovelling!
  • Quicker unloading by approximately 50% less time
  • Protects your truck bed ( 2X – 4X increase!)
  • Reduce/eliminate hoist & floor replacement
  • Keeps aluminium trailers lightweight
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If your looking for a affordable yet highly effective Polymer Truck Liner Durapro is the right choice! Durapro truck liners allow for the steady release of materials all year around. DuraPro is designed for both northern sub-zero temperatures and southern high temperatures. UHMW-PE Durapro liners are constructed with specially blended release agents designed to provide maximum release with minimum wear.

Which Materials can DURAPRO™ haul?

  • Gravel – all sizes
  • Rock
  • Rubble
  • Clay
  • Soil
  • Sludge
  • Fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Flyash
  • Coal
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Key Benefits:

Lightweight: 1/3 the weight of aluminum and 1/8 the weight of steel.

Long Lasting: Durapro™ outlast all other liners which is why it is the choice of most operators

Quick Release: Designed to reduce your cycle time, DuraPro™ unloads common and sticky materials quickly and easily without the need for the driver to climb into the box.

Fits any size body: Our lining systems are made to fit exactly to your truck or trailer.

Sizes: We stock material from 3” wide up to 16 feet wide at any length!

Lastly: When purchasing a DuraPro™ lining system, rest assured you are buying the best! Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards and prepared by industry experts, you can be confident of success.

Durapro™ truck (trailer) dump liner service wear chart

What to expect for DuraPro™ Liner Service Life

Our Service-Life wear chart shows the benefits of installing a DuraPro™ goes beyond quick and easy unloading. Data has shown that a lining system provides a long-term solution for wear resistance as well. There a few reasons for this. Firstly, The low co-efficient of friction causes less resistance between the truck liner and the bulk material. Secondly, the compression resistance factor allows the DuraPro™ to rebound from impact without permanently causing a depression in the liner. Thirdly, DuraPro liners are manufactured using a harder grade of UHMWPE resin base which creates a harder exposed surface.

Plastruct Polyzone provides the following services:

We Install: At our facility or yours anywhere in Ontario. Fleet installs anywhere in Canada.

DIY Kits: Complete liner package, machined and ready to slide in!

Dealers: Full coils or pre-cut lengths

" Plastruct is our go-to for truck liners. They have the best liners and back it up with the kind of service that was more common years ago"; Wayne S.


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  • Medium Duty
  • Mulch, Soil, Fertilizer, Salt, Clay, Sand, and Gravel



  • High Heat Rating
  • Asphalt hot/cold, Coal, Fly ash, Phosphate, Salt and Rock



  • Heavy wear resistant
  • Rock, Gravel Coal, Salt, Sand, and Fertilizer


Technical Specifications