Machining & Fabrication

CNC Router

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With a total of 4 CNC Router Tables and experienced machinists to operate them, Plastruct is able to deliver custom components machined with precision from our large inventory of plastic sheets.

With a team of Multi-Axis CNC Router Tables, we are able to produce machined parts at a high-rate of repeatability for runs large or small. Our large sized tables allow us to machine anything from gaskets to dump truck liners

CNC Panel Saw

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Our industrial sized CNC Panel Saw makes large cutting jobs a breeze. Perfect for ripping orders of strips or other cut to size pieces. The panel saw helps us deliver your order quickly and with precision. 

CNC Lathe & Milling

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Using multi-axis machines, our skilled Lathe and Mill Department can produce complex polymer or metal parts at a high rate of repeatability.

Heat Bending

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A go to tool for polymer fabrication, our polymer heat bender allows us to create unique shapes or profiles with out sacrificing integrity by cutting and welding.

Polymer Extrusion Welding

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Polymer Extrusion Welders are a versatile tool used by Plastruct Polyzone in a range of applications from tank or slide repair to custom fabrications or polymer prototyping.

Polymer Butt Welding

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Our Butt-Welding capabilities allow us to fuse polymer sheets to make custom sized sheets and rolls. Allowing us to meet a wide range of our clients' unique requirements. 

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When mechanical fasteners alone are not enough Plastruct Polyzone is proud to employ skilled craftsman who are familiar with traditional wood joinery techniques and apply them to our polymer fabrications.

Joinery Techniques

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To ensure the highest quality end result and longest lasting product, Plastruct Polyzone has a team of Professional Polymer Installers and welders. Ask about our install schedule today!